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Simple as frick.


Not ranking the anime I'm watching until I've watched it all, even if it may take forever or I already know how good it is. I'm kinda lazy..


Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san [Don't Toy/Mess With Me, Miss Nagatoro]

It's like Redo of Healer if there was no revenge or porn. Just domineering girl torturing boy. I love it, but I'm not going to go into as much detail as I did with Redo of Healer. Go watch it. As of writing, it is currently ongoing with only 3 episodes aired. has finished airing with 13 episodes. It shouldn't be too hard to catch up. Airs on Saturdays.



Koikimo is a romance anime, about a man who's life get's saved by a highschool girl, and immediately falls in love. If you like romance, the image might help you decide if you want to watch it or not. That's what I do when choosing a new anime. Look at the image, read the description. I feel like we all do this...



OddTaxi is ALSO a very interesting anime. It's about a taxi driver who's life gets interrupted by many once a local highschool girl goes missing. I reccomend you watch it. New episodes on saturdays I believe. I could just be confusing these with Nagatoro airdates.

One Piece

I'm sure you've heard of this. There are 974 episodes out to date and it is ongoing. I am currently watching at LEAST 1 episode a day with one of my friends. I'm not allowed to break the streak until we're caught up. It might take me a few months, it might take me a few years, who knows?

Slime Tensei [That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Currently on hiatus. Half of the season has aired so they're taking a break for a little while. The second half of the season has been airing and I have not started it yet.

Description was too long to look normal on this page, click here to read more.


To Your Eternity

I could've SWORN I talked about this already, so here it is now. To Your Eternity is a heartfelt anime, full of love, sadness, betrayal, love?, and [adjective]. I find it very fascinating to watch, and there will be 20 episodes! I can't express the anime here, so go and watch it for yourself. As of writing, there are 6 episodes out and more to come every Saturday?


A Centaur's Life

I remember that I watched this, but only remember like, 14 frames. Probably good but I'd have to rewatch for a better review. I'll give it a pity 6/10 for now

A Certain Magical Index

My friend would watch this while screensharing when I would call with him. It's been a few years but I remember it being pretty interesting plustheres a guy with a funny skeleton shirt.


Akame Ga Kill

I started it..... It seemed interesting and I will more than likely pick it back up one day.



Yes, movies are going in here too! Akira was great, taking place in post-apocalyptic Neo Tokyo with an awesome cyberpunk theme. I think it was really cool and definitely recommend.



Watched this years ago. I watched it all so it must've been interesting.


Assassination Classroom

I also watched this a few years ago and immediately put it in my top favourite anime in my head, but over the years I've forgotten about it, so I've decided to put it in my hidden favourites in my head. Has Dio's voice actor in it so automatically +5/10. Has a really good story and kept me entertained the entire time. I totally reccommend this anime to anyone who reads this.


Astarotte's Toy

I watched it a few years ago. Story was okay but could've been better. Loli harem slice of life shit.



I started watching it...



Rest in peace Kento Miura :(

I HIGHLY suggest that you watch this. This has a permanent spot as my second favourite anime ever. The main character is OP ASF, has a LONG ass sword, fights in medievil WARS, FUCKS some CHICK, there's BOOBS, there's DEMONS, there are demons getting KILLED, it's BLOODY and GORY, there are DEMONS, there are probably demons getting FUCKED, and the (spoilers, please don't read until you've watched AT LEAST the three Golden Age Ark movies on Netflix, and at that point you sould probably watch Berserk 2016 and 2017) MAIN CHARACTER GETS HIS ARM RIPPED OFF AND GETS BRANDED BY DEMONS!!! And in 2016 we find out Casca has like, brain damage or some shit and Guts goes to find her the whole fkn time and in 2017 Guts dawns the fucking BERSERKER ARMOR in like the last episode its sad I want more


Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi (Uncensored) [Redo of Healer]

Phenominal anime. Seinen anime with relitively no censorship other than what's required for Japanese marketing. Click for more information.