Bojab Website

Simple as frick. Now With Audio! O


Please note, everything you see on this page is NOT final, and may not be on any other page. I work on the layout of this site through this specific page almost exclusively, so the other pages may be outdated, different, or unfunctional.

Hi! Welcome to my website!

My name is Bojay B. I've made the entirety of this website by myself, with the help of people all around the internet on stackoverflow forums and the wonderful lads at oxalorg, whom I've stolen the CSS for all my pages from!(I'm hoping to recreate it myself so it's not blatantly taken from them, but we'll get there when we get there...)
Someone remind mee to steal the XML from AniList later so I can recreate my anime list page using a list I actually update semi-frequently...
Also, leave a comment! Let me and everyone else who visits know you're here!
(One day I'll make my own or find one that's much less intrusive, but for now there's this :)